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Busty French/Italian MILF Ava Addams was born on September 16, 1979 in Gibraltar. Her parents just happened to be there on a five year long trip. She grew up in Houston, Texas and fluently speaks French and passively Spanish. As a kid she did a lot of traveling with her parents visiting Morocco, Normandy, Spain and south of France. Ava enjoys traveling and studying other countries, people and cultures, mainly because she is a history nerd and enjoys tasting delicious food (she puts hot sauce on almost everything).As a kid Ava Addams enjoyed entertainment and being on camera. Before she had to do anything with modeling and adult world, she worked at a small boutique in Houston, Forever 21 and Hooters. Due to going to nursing school, Addams also worked at a doctor's office doing coding and medical billing. Since she was bored of her home town, she wanted to do something different. After breaking into adult world, she first started working as a fetish and nude model, later worked for Playboy (as Alexia Roy) and at last "mistakenly" found herself doing her first girl-girl scene in 2009 (officially in the industry since 2008). A year later Ava Addams decided to expand her porn career and started doing boy-girl scenes as well. Before she started doing boy-girl scenes she was dating this guy who was against it. After they broke up she gave it a go. She enjoyed it and the rest is history. She says, DPs are her favorite. As for anal sex, she will not do it unless she knows the guy. Although she enjoys porn a lot and nothing is stopping her from quitting, she said when (if) she will quit, she might get back in the medical field.Growing up in the US, Ava Addams did not get a chance to learn how to talk dirty in French. It was no other than Manuel Ferrara who taught her the dirty words and with whom she later acted in several all-French speaking adult movies. In her very successful porn career, Ava worked with various adult companies like Digital Playground, Wicked Pictures, Brazzers and even Kink to name a few. Ava Addams has several tattoos of which each has a certain meaning and is marking specific moment in her life. Ava enjoys girls and even had a years long relationship with a girl, but she does not describe herself as a lesbian because she loves men too much. Addams is a pretty easy going chick, but if there is one thing she really hates, it is lying.In her free time Ava Addams enjoys yoga (she even shot a few yoga porn scenes), buying stuff at a Dollar Store, reading books, hiking and cooking. Ava's favorite sport is basketball, she is not into football and she likes rock music, but her guilt pleasure is pop. She enjoys listening to bands like Rolling Stones, Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne.Being a business/entrepreneurial person, Ava Addams owns her official website and tries to be as active and engaging as possible on social media. She loves her fans and tries to keep them entertained on a regular