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Gina Gerson aka Doris Ivy is a tiny little treat from Siberia who grew up with her mother and her grandmother. She is a morning child, born on May 17, 1991 in a small town in Russia, who later in life moved to St. Petersburg to attend university to study management. The first year of university, when she was 19, she lost virginity to her (new) boyfriend. She waited 19 straight years to finally receive a penis in her twat. From then things went on like you would press on the fast forward button. Just one year after she lost virginity Ivy started doing webcam shows. Then the year 2012 came and with it a transformation for young Doris. This was the year when she decided it is time to make the move and start making a name for herself in the porn industry. Doris Ivy or for a lot better known as Gina Gerson worked on her first girl-girl porn scene in the August of 2012, when started working with Hungarian modeling agency, Sandy's. Before she entered porn business she also did some student work as waitress, courier and cleaner. Doris' petite, shy and cute look does not trick you. This time you can freely judge book by it's cover. She does not like dirty porn and is more of an all natural/romantic kind of a person when it comes to sex although she likes a mix of both rough and soft sex.In her spare time Doris Ivy is keeping herself in shape by visiting gym and cycling. She has never tried any drugs, does not like alcohol and is a vegetarian. She also does not smoke. Isn't that just one clean little bird? Since she is not really a party animal, she does not like being surrounded by drunken people. Don't you dare approach her being drunk, you might scare the crap out of this adorable creature. She prefers closed parties with people who respect her and who she respects and knows. She enjoys traveling the world, visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures. When visiting a certain country she enjoys walking around watching architecture and tries to compare it with her home country of Russia. She calls herself a bisexual and she says she is not faking it on the camera. She likes working with companies who let her enjoy the moment and be herself - she doesn't really like going by the script.Doris Ivy is running on the side to keep all her beloved fans up to